The Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation (ASPF) provides free support and assistance to people suffering psychological distress as well as providing advice and information for their concerned and confused relatives and friends.



ASPF Spiral

The ASPF was founded in 1997 by Clinical Associate Professor David Horgan, a Melbourne-based psychiatrist with multiple medical qualifications and decades of experience.

Before the internet was popular, the ASPF provided the only entry under ‘suicide’ in all 55 Australian telephone directories: 1800 HOLD ON. At its peak, this service received 8000 calls per year, and supplied, on request, thousands of pages of written material to callers. The foundation received many letters of thanks for helping to save lives.

You can find our latest audited financial report for 2015 – 16 here.

Our services

Our mission is focused on helping people with suicidal thoughts, and anyone affected by this painful state of mind. Our aim is to help prevent suicide both in the short term and in the longer term.

In the short term, we offer anonymous, empathic and practical help without embarrassment to those in acute situations who are geographically or emotionally isolated. We do this through the following websites: (incorporating,, and

In the long term, we help people manage stress and anxiety so that they break free of the Spiral to Despair™. We do this by providing written information and advice on the following sites:

Our operating motto is ‘Hold on to Life’. Our most powerful message is ‘You would never advise a friend to die; tell yourself what you’d tell a friend.’

ASPF board members

Clinical Associate Professor David Horgan (psychiatrist) – founder and medical director

Ms Kathryn Page (businesswoman) – director and long-term sponsor

Dr Cathy Sloan (family doctor) – director

Ms Mary Rose Morgan (account) – director and treasurer

Mr Michael Cassar (specialist consultant to non-profit organisations) – Chairman

Mr John Hardy (distinguished former executive) – director and CEO


Disclaimer: The Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation provides information only; not medical or psychological assessment, advice or treatment. For any feedback, and any suggestions you think may be useful, please email us at